Welcome to my new site!  I hope you enjoy looking around... I am truly enjoying the fun of putting up the kind of site that is developed specifically with music and children at the forefront!
    If you are planning a children's party, family gathering, or are looking to host a fun and creative event for kids, look no further than Tunes n Tales by Tricia.
My interactive and educational programs for children have evolved over my more than 30 years of classroom experience and are backed with degrees in child development and reading. My programs are adaptable to appeal to kids in pre-kindergarten through  sixth grade and can be custom-tailored to your specific needs.  School programs may also be eligible for a grant through the Michigan Arts  and Humanities Program.
I offer sing-a-long, storytelling, and library events year round,in addition to  on-site field trip experiences and literacy events. I also offer teacher training programs and workshops, including two hour programs creditable toward the state of Michigan's annual 12-hour ongoing training requirements for pre-k schools and educational centers.
    I am based in Laingsburg, Michigan and offer my party programming throughout the region.
For more information, or any questions, call     651-6301   or email    tricia@tunesntales.com.  


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turkey day fun!! 

Happy turkey day!
  I am always looking for ways to combine literacy with music and this book/song combination works just dandy !  There is a fun, repetitive and interactive book by Diane Mayr called Run Turkey Run and I am pretty sure it is still available on Amazon. It is not too long for our youngest listeners and the general idea is that the turkey knows why he needs to be running away during the days before Thanksgiving dinner.
 I found a really easy song at DLTK.com  that anyone can sing that matches up with this book PERFECTLY and it is reproduced below.  Sing it to the tune "Are You Sleeping?"
Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey
Run away, Run away
If you don't be careful
You will be a mouthful
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day!



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